Pegasus: Particle Physicists Engagement with Grids: A Socio-technical Usability Study

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Framework of Qualifying Guidance for Building Grid projects.

This framework aims to provide guidance to those who are developing and applying Grid technologies within their work. The framework is not a methodology and thus does not provide a linear process for guiding the Grid development process. Rather it is a structured set of concepts, ideas and questions which emerge from our research. In using the framework these concepts will allow a self-reflective analysis by those engaged in similar work. In particular it provides a structured discussion about the various things (technical and social) which GridPP needed to achieve their Grid.

The framework considers the socio-technical Grid as emergent from three separate elements (which continue to constitute the "Socio-technical Grid" throughout its development and use. These are the Technical Grid (i.e. the technical components, networks, computing elements, storage elements, middleware etc) which are the fabric of the Grid. In addition there is a knowledge infrastructure which is reflective of the Technical Grid (i.e. much of it resides in the same locations as the technical fabric) but includes social and historical elements. It is the unseen structure which allows the fabric to emerge and which enables sensible discussion about the Grid.

Tying these two infrastructures together are a set of people and their work practices. These practices are specific to the group involved (and hence reliant on the knowledge infrastructure) and are linked to the material fabric being developed. They are however distinct and take a very distinctive form in the case of GridPP. Click on the relevant areas on the diagram to explore the framework.

Socio-technical Grid as constituted of Technical Grid, People and Practices and Knowledge Infrastructure

This framework is both descriptive, mundane and obvious but also rich, theorised and new. We hope that it will prove useful. 

The framework is wholly founded upon a set of research papers which we have written throughout the project most of which are available either complete, or as working papers (or as presentations where the paper cannot be shared) on this website. Links are provided in the relevant sections of the framework to these papers.

  1. Recommendations for Practice: Collective Agility

  2. Key Organizational Practices of GridPP




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